Advertising That Works!

Palm Beach Cuisine is your go-to company when it comes to promoting your restaurant in this local market. Our online presence continues to grow daily receiving as many as 30,000 new visitors monthly as does our subscriber base of one hundred fifty-six thousand active adults.

1. We showcase your restaurant on our Featured Restaurants page, and we format individual web pages with beautiful slideshows showcasing many of your menu items. Sample: Page. We also set this page up to provide people with easy navigation to view your website, location and other information about your restaurant.

2. We mail our vast subscriber base information you want people to know about your business in the form of beautiful ads. Sample: Email Ad. The Email Ads we design are responsive and adapt to any screen size and look exceptional on mobile devices. More than 80% of the emails viewed are done so on a mobile device.

3. We help you establish, maintain and maximize your e-club/rewards programs. Having an internal subscriber base comprised of thousands of loyal customers will serve to strengthen your business and bring new customers to you through referral. And, do it much better than any social media program! When Palm Beach Cuisine Manages every aspect of your e-club program, know that you are getting the best service with the HIGHEST DELIVERABILITY of any ESP! It's True. None of our competitors nationally or local come close maintaining our email sending scores of 99% and 100% respectively, and our email and domain reputation with Google consistently rates high! Sample of a secure email Signup Form. We employ a double opt-in signup process which prevents wrongly typed email addresses or malicious emails from being placed in your data. Additionally, using our forms on a secure server alleviates you from having to spend additional money on your own website signup forms or set up an email database. What's more, you won't lose signups.

4. We use free posting tools provided by Google as well as Check-In ads on yelp to further promote your business by focusing on various aspects of your business you feel will be conducive to building sales. And you don't need to offer dining incentives to attract new customers. Promoting events, weekly chef specials, new menu items and many other things will do quite nicely in boosting sales if done correctly. Sometimes, just engaging people on a regular basis can go a long way in keeping your business name fresh in peoples minds.

5. TripAdvisor does not offer free advertising tools, so we found a way to use of some of the space provided for photography to promote events as well as a variety of dining specials.

6. We manage various social media platforms for your restaurant particularly Facebook, and Twitter. We place creative ads and video's on your Facebook business page and Twitter.

7. We also monitor and respond to reviews about your restaurant on Google, Tripadvisor and Yelp.

What's more, Palm Beach Cuisines price point not only makes it possible for any business to participate, it makes for a smart choice. All that is needed to get started in our program is to have access to at least 20 or more pictures of the cuisine you serve along with a few interior shots. If you require someone to be available to take pictures, we can make arrangements with you. We charge a small fee of $85 to take pictures.

Let's begin! Call the number below and set up a time for one of our representatives to meet with you when it is convenient.

Advertising Programs & Fees:

(A) Our fee to promote your business on is $425 per month for a single location and $550 per month for any establishment operating multiple locations in Palm Beach County. These prices are all-inclusive, covering email ads to online ads and Google postings to FaceBook, and there are no ad design fees for businesses that advertise with Palm Beach Cuisine.

(B) We offer reduced advertising rates for any business desiring to manage social media in-house. $275 and $400 respectively.

(C) If A or B does not work for you, perhaps a well thought out business listing along with an individual page set up with a slideshow can be manageable. The cost for a listing and individual page is $97 per month. And although you will not receive benefits from our email programs we do receive thousands of new and returning visitors every month to our Featured Restaurants & Specials page. View Stonewood Grill's listing on this page for ideas.


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