Why Advertise with PBC?

1.We Advertise Your Business before our subscribers, (Now Exceeding 164,000 Members) and we focus on using the right tools to BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY and STRENGTHEN your core customer base.

2.We showcase your restaurant on our Featured Restaurants page. This anchor page off-season attracts on average 12,000 new visitors monthly. In high season our numbers can exceed 50,000. We highlight various aspects of your restaurant, menus, available special events, or promotions, as well as provide consumers with quick access to existing web pages. There are very few limitations to what Palm Beach Cuisine can promote on this page, not excluding scheduling events and taking reservations.

3. We mail our vast subscriber base information you want them to know about your business in the form of beautiful ads. Sample Email Ad 1 / Sample Email Ad 2 And, the Email Ads we design are responsive and adapt to any screen size and look exceptional on mobile devices. More than 80% of the emails viewed are done so on a mobile device.

4. We help restaurants establish, maintain, and maximize e-club/reward programs much better than when done in-house, guaranteed! We show restauranteurs how to grow subscriber list faster, and we consistently maintain the highest Email Sending Scores, and Email Deliverability Rate, which ensures your message gets seen. Sample Signup Form.

5. We use tools provided by Google as well as Check-In ads on yelp and Trip Advisor to further promote your business.

6. We'll also manage your website, uploading new images you may need on your web page, changing out links, and textual changes including menus. Say goodbye to spending hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars a year. Site customization and development services are available.

7. We also monitor and respond to reviews about your restaurant on Google, Tripadvisor, and Yelp.

8. We manage various social media platforms for your restaurant particularly Facebook, and Twitter. We place creative ads and video's on your Facebook business page and Twitter.

9. Palm Beach Cuisine's price point not only makes it possible for any business to participate, but it also makes for a smart choice.

Call the number below or send us an email to set up a time for one of our representatives to meet with you when it is convenient.

Ad Rates:

We offer three rates that encompass several marketing services with one goal, to promote your business and increase traffic.

(A) Business owners that are interested in advertising and expanding their digital reach as well as building reward/e-club programs the rate is $350 per month for a single location and $475 for any business operating multiple locations in Palm Beach County. We will promote your restaurant on our Featured Restaurants page, send ad campaigns to our subscribers and yours advertising your restaurant, and we will manage google postings each month. We can also assist with reservations for special events your business might host.

(B) Our second program provides the services of our first program, but also includes managing facebook and twitter as well as monitoring and replying to reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google. We will also manage minor website changes that may be needed. The cost is $475 per month for a single location and $625 per month for any business operating multiple locations in Palm Beach County.

(C) If you have a limited budget for promoting your business, we can maintain a business listing on our anchor page linking to an individual page highlighting menu items and other information about your restaurant. The cost is $189 per month. You will not receive the benefits from our email programs, however, the thousands of new and returning visitors to our anchor page every month provide excellent exposure for any business. View Stonewood Grill's listing on our featured restaurants page for ideas.

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