Redeeming Offers

Recently Palm Beach Cuisine employed a new system that aids in monitoring the type of incentives you like the most as well as providing a way for our clients to limit the use of certain specials when needed. Every certificate that is redeemed is time stamped and you'll have 5 days to present the certificate via phone or print-out before it expires. In addition, restauranteurs will have the ability to limit the number of times any particular dining incentive may be used during any 30 day period. The certificates that have use limits will clearly be marked on our specials page and are redeemable via mobile device only. You are invaluable to us so our goal has has been to make redeeming dining incentives relatively easy for you. If you are accustomed to printing out offers to present to local establishments, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to become familiar with going to our site via your phone and presenting certificates this way. As mobile phone usage increases, restaurants will cease accepting print-outs.

How To Redeem A Certificate:

To redeem a certificate you simply need to insert the email address that matches the one you used to sign up with. The field does not look like a typical form input field, however, if you begin typing your email address where it states ( insert email click redeem ) the input field will respond accordingly. After typing in your email address click the redeem button and you'll be taken to another page that will display the offer. If you use an email address that is not recognized, you will be taken to a page where you can re-register as a dining club member. Minutes upon registering you'll be able to access all the specials.


If you see a restaurant that displays information regarding a use limit, you DO NOT want to attempt to redeem the certificate from your home computer. CERTIFICATES THAT HAVE A USE LIMIT WILL ONLY SHOW ONCE DURING A SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD AND ARE USUALLY REDEEMABLE BY MOBILE DEVICE ONLY.

What To Do If A Dining Incentive Has A Use Limit:

Go to from your mobile device, click on ( Specials ) up at the top on the home page. When you get to our restaurant specials page go ahead and bookmark this page. Locate the special you're interested in, insert your email and click redeem.

I Have A Smart Phone, But Never Connected To The Internet:

In this section we will show you how easy it is to connect to the internet and locate our Restaurant Specials page so you can enjoy various offers.

The first thing you'll want to do is open your phone and browse the standard apps that come with every phone. We have placed pictures of some of these apps below. There are many different kinds of apps. Some apps are vital to the entire operation of your phone, providing access to various features while other apps merely exist for our entertainment. Today, we are only interested in two apps, one that enables us to download other apps from the internet, and the second being a browser app that gives us access to search the internet for anything we may desire.

Some phones display the ( google play store or Itunes app ) we need in the front so navigating to the app section of your phone to locate this app will not be necessary. If you do not see either of these store apps on the front face of your phone, look for an app that looks similar to the one we show below entitled ( apps ). This app may appear differently depending upon the device you have and service provider, however, all apps designated for the soul purpose of navigating to your phones app section will have 4 to 8 dots on it as shown below. This is the app that will take you to the section on your phone that stores all the apps that come with your phone.

When you locate this app go ahead and click on it so it opens up. If you are on an android phone, you'll want to locate the app that looks like the ( google playstore ) app shown below. If you're using an iphone device you'll want to locate the app that looks like the ( iTunes ) app shown below. If you are not on an iphone, and you'll know whether or not you are on an iphone, then you are using a device powered by android operating systems.

Upon locating the app needed, click on it and locate the search bar. This will be at the very top and is utilized to search the app store for the app you need. Type in the words ( chrome ) and locate the chrome app. This app can be used regardless of the device you have. When you have located the chrome app, you will see the words download, go ahead and download and install the app. It's that easy.

Once you have the chrome app on your phone you can open it and access the internet. Now, all you have to do is type in into the browser bar and you will be taken right to our site that has all the restaurant specials. When you get to our home page, go to the very top, find the word ( Specials ) and click on it.

We hope you found this information helpful.