Redeeming Certificates

Dining certificates redeemed on our website are time stamped and expire 30 days from the redemption date. Expired certificates can be redeemed again, the exception being certificates that have usage restrictions. These certificates can only be presented via a mobile device, and may only be displayed one time for the redeemer during a specific number of days.


If you see a restaurant that displays information regarding a use limit, you DO NOT want to attempt to redeem the certificate from your home computer. CERTIFICATES THAT HAVE A USE LIMIT WILL ONLY SHOW ONCE DURING A SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD AND ARE USUALLY REDEEMABLE BY MOBILE DEVICE ONLY.

What To Do If A Dining Incentive Has A Use Limit:

Visit from your mobile device, click on the tab ( Featured Restaurants ). When on this page go ahead and bookmark the page. Locate the special you're interested in, insert your email and click redeem.

I Have A Smart Phone, But Never Connected To The Internet:

In this section we will show you how easy it is to connect to the internet and locate our Restaurant Specials page so you can enjoy various dining incentives.

Open your phone and browse the standard apps that come with every phone. We have placed pictures of some of these apps below. Locate the google play store or Itunes app. If you do not see either of these apps on the front face of your phone, look for an app that looks similar to the one we show below entitled ( apps ). This app is for navigating to your phone's app section and will have 4 to 8 dots on it as shown below.

When you locate this app click on it to open it. If you are on an android phone, you'll want to locate the app that looks like the ( google play store ) app as shown below. If you're using an iPhone device, you'll want to locate the app that looks like the ( iTunes ) app.

Locate the app needed and click on it, then type ( chrome ) in the search bar to locate the chrome app. This app can be used on any device. After locating the chrome app follow the prompts to install it on your phone.

Once the chrome app has been installed on your phone, you can open it and access the internet. Type or Palm Beach Cuisine in the search bar to gain access to our site. From the home page click the tab ( Featured Restaurants ). It's that easy.