Downloading our app is easy...

If you own any type of iphone or apple device you can click the iTunes tab below and you will be taken directly to our page on iTunes where you can download our app with one click.
If you own an android phone you have three options for downloading our app. Just click the google tab below or the amazon tab and you'll be taken directly to our app page, however, you will need to be logged in to your google play account or amazon underground when doing so.

If you have an android phone the third option is by far the easiest and only requires you to select the tab below (from our server) and click. The app on our server is the same app that is in the google play store and amazon underground, however, in an effort to protect you, you may encounter a warning message that states; ( this type of file may be harmful to your device ). This message is displayed because sometimes sites are hacked and the button you click on will not bring the desired result. The message is good and keeps us on our toes. All you have to do is insure you are on our site. If you see a green padlock and our url to the right, You have nothing to worry about. Ignore the warning message and accept. The app file will download to your phones download folder. Click on your phones download folder, and then click to install to your phone.

In the near future we will begin notifying people via their app before any mail ever gets sent regarding special offers and other information. Having our app does provide you with easier, faster access to our pages and will give you a little advantage when new special offers become available.