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Why Palm Beach Cuisine?

There isn't any one thing that sets Palm Beach Cuisine E-commerce apart. Our roots lie in marketing restaurants for over three decades. So, instinctively our first priority to our clients is to maximize the use of a shopping cart and leverage its purpose. And it's equally important to find ways to simplify the ordering process for buying customers. It's natural for most people to think that as long as a means of placing online orders is available for customers, you've got all basis covered. However, this could not be further from the truth. Your online ordering menu should be inviting and evoke positive emotional responses from visitors. Your menu should compel some customers to buy more food, promote the cuisine you serve, help build your digital footprint & website rankings, and help build your email marketing program. Please take a look at some of the highlights below, and be sure to view the whole list of advantages of using our E-commerce platform before leaving today. Everything At a Glance

1. Our service is FREE! Your business will pay no monthly fees for your online shopping cart.

2. Customers are not required to create an account to order food. Some people will not do it and opt to phone in their order, which, to some degree, invalidates the purpose of online ordering.

3. Customers are not charged ridiculous fees. Most non-commission-free platforms charge customers as much as $1.50 to 15% of the purchase price and more to place take-out orders. Resulting in fewer online sales.

4. You'll receive competitive credit card Processing fees through our partnership with one of the largest direct credit card processors, not a third-party reseller.

5. No restrictions on ordering. Customers don't need an app to order. They can freely place orders from anywhere, which is especially beneficial for commuters that travel a considerable distance to work every day and may want to pick up a meal from their favorite restaurant on the way home.

6. Zero dependencies on third-party POS devices. Our integrations were designed for versatility. You'll be able to use any monitor or mobile device to track & display orders where needed. And your kitchen staff will be alerted whenever new orders arrive.

7. Our Shopping Carts are 100% customizable. We have the only E-Commerce platform that gives you the freedom to enhance the customer experience in any way you desire. You can display videos, slide shows, and related artistry to showcase and promote your cuisine or retail products. Having an engaging menu will help you sell more.

8. You'll have the advertising advantage. Being an Email Service Provider and having over 35 years of experience promoting restaurants, one could say, marketing is in our blood. Using your online menu, we'll expand your email subscriber base exponentially through unintrusive methods, and we'll promote your restaurant like few can.

9. Your Shopping Cart comes with a Free E-Gift Card Prgram. We've made buying E-Cards as easy as ordering a meal. You no longer need a separate platform to sell E-Gift cards. And best of all, your customers will love them, which means you'll be able to increase your revenue without worrying about managing sales. It's fully automated.

10. You'll have everything you could want in a shopping cart. We have gone to great lengths to simplify the ordering process for your customers. We've also simplified the process of tracking orders, updating menus, scheduling breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours, and adding daily specials and promotional offers. We even have Table-side Dining & Delivery options built-in and much more.

There is more to online ordering than meets the eye. Technology is terrific, but the real value to your business isn't just being able to accept online orders. It's the deployment of a common sense approach that puts you & your customers first and utilizes sound marketing principles that engage your customers and sell more cuisine. And that...is what our platform does!

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Sample Online Menus

Portobello Casa Tequila Baldino's Los Agaves
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Our E-Card Program

Our E-Gift Card program offers more freedom for customers and business owners. We've simplified the process typical of other E-Card programs. The application is seamless and works in harmony with our feature-rich E-commerce solution. Or, you can opt to use our E-Card platform separately. As with our E-Commerce, our E-Card platform does not require a customer to sign up for an account, log in to any admin page, or track balances, just to mention a few things. And it virtually eliminates the work on behalf of those businesses selling E-Cards.

No More Plastic! No More Envelopes! No More Mailing! No More Lost or Stolen Cards! No More Checking Balances! No More Reissues! No More Swiping of Cards!

The customer has almost one hundred beautiful E-Card themes at their fingertips to choose from. Everything from Birthday to Holiday Cards. And they can purchase E-Gift Cards in a matter of sixty seconds. E-Cards can be saved on a phone or tablet, and they update automatically after each purchase. The customer can pay for online or in-store purchases using their E-Card by inputting a card number and clicking submit. And business owners can now accept E-Cards in-store effortlessly.

E-Cards have been around for years, so we can't take credit for the idea. But, because our platform isn't built to track customers' online habits or obtain customer information for profit, we've made the process better for both the customer and business owner. Sign up today!

BIG Advantages

of Keeping Your Brick & Mortar Sales Separate From E-commerce.

First and foremost, having a separate gateway for your online ordering gives you flexibility. If you ever need to change out your POS system, your online orders keep coming in. What about an emergency where your POS System crashes, and they all do? You have a backup indeed. Instead of closing shop for the day, people can use their phones and tablets to place orders while sitting in your restaurant. Tickets go right into the kitchen, and business continues.

POS companies specialize in credit card processing. While many have made an effort to create modern, visually pleasing platforms for handling E-commerce sales, it generally costs the restaurateur a little more in monthly fees or add-ons. Companies selling POS systems often integrate third-party E-commerce software usually designed with a broad-based interpretation of what people like, need, and find suitable.

Online ordering for a restaurant should present a step up in both the end-user experience and offer individuality. An online menu should be engaging and attract new customers as well as service existing customers. Being able to add promotions, videos, or slideshows to a menu can make a huge difference in sales by enticing customers to order more of what they enjoy. Your online shopping cart should be the focus of advertising. It's all about marketing. Having more freedom to display your ideas could help promote your cuisine.

Your online menu can be much more than a boring digital placemat. It can be a vibrant tool that encourages sales. And we can assure you that using integrated E-commerce within any POS system or even one of those popular food ordering apps will not provide the kind of flexibility & opportunity we mention here. By its very nature, food ordering apps have limitations on menu customization.

Another crucial reason to consider our system has to do with cost. You will pay 10 to 19 cents per transaction using most POS integrated systems and any of those popular food ordering apps. So if your restaurant only does 30 orders a day, you could pay as much as $171 plus just-in transaction fees alone every month per location. And if you use a third-party food ordering app, you will pay $95 to $200 Plus per location in other monthly fees. You will also likely pay a little more in processing fees if the company does not work with a direct processor, and many don't.

The bottom line. If you like the idea of customizing your online menu to showcase the flavor of your restaurant and individual taste and would like to run promotions whenever you want, pay the industries lowest transaction fees, not worry about refunds, pay no monthly usage fee or any fees for that matter, the choice is simple.

Tableside Ordering

Tableside ordering, as you may know, had changed in 2020. And it may never be the same again. Some casual food chains have been criticized for implementing Tableside Ordering through the use of tablets placed on the tables. Allowing customers to place and pay for orders without interaction from servers. Critiques believed this would dehumanize the dining experience, but to the contrary, the data showed conclusively that not only did sales rise, but many customers loved it. Luckily, if you are using our online ordering system, a restaurateur can enable our

Dine-In feature that allows customers to plug in a table number and order from your online menu when seated inside the restaurant. No costly tablets or handheld devices are needed, which means nothing for servers to clean. Tableside Ordering isn't meant to replace the traditional service many customers enjoy when dining out. It simply provides another option for diners who may want faster service, among other things. It is a smart addition every restaurateur should employ.

Should You

Have Only One Online Menu?

Of all the reasons we think you should have one online menu instead of several, the most beneficial aspects would be to aid site rankings, make menu updates easier to maintain, and encouraging more customer participation. Most restaurateurs we meet look for ways to optimize staff performance and decrease the hours needed to orchestrate the restaurant's daily tasks. Keeping track of several menus does not fit in. We know first hand that sometimes menus hosted by third-party companies are not updated regularly, and outdated menu items are often showcased. Some companies do offer to update your menu for a small fee. But why not drive all traffic to one menu you can easily update yourself.

Companies sell restaurateurs on their site's exposure, and that hosting their menu will bring in a lot of new customers. But seldom is this ever the case. And the restaurant is doing nothing to build its site rankings. You should have one online menu attached to your website that customers & prospective customers can use to view all your menu items and place orders.

We will design your online menu to be attractive and encourage customer participation. And it stands to reason that if you are sending your frequent diners and prospects to one menu they can also order from, the more people will order.

Some restaurants even use coasters and table stickers with QR codes to get customers to view the digital menu. This strategy has been shown to boost sales involving customers that typically do not dine out on certain days to place more curbside orders.

Because of security reasons, we too host your online menu on our secure server, but we treat your menu as we would your website. We perform the necessary SEO to ensure you receive site rankings, and we place a multitude of backlinks on the menu to drive customers and prospects to your site, not ours. We have also developed the most accessible, user-friendly platform that enables restaurateurs to update their menus and run special promotions effortlessly.

You have one website. You should have one online menu that boldly personifies the restaurant and the food you serve.

Our Service Is FREE

We understand the challenges everyone faces right now. Our online ordering platform and POS printers are FREE to every business. You pay a one-time setup fee, and no monthly maintenance costs, or shopping cart fees, ever!

E-Gift Cards

Our E-Gift Card program complements our E-Commerce solution and represents the next evolution of gift cards that offer customers & business owners more flexibility and ease of use. Learn More

Control Ordering Times

We make it easy for you to set up promotions and limit ordering times for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, and Daily Specials. You can also restrict ordering to specific days of the week and turn ordering off with one click.

Delivery Options

If you provide in-store delivery for customers, you'll be able to control every aspect of this service through our fully automated platform. You can set up available delivery for specific days & hours in a matter of seconds.

Tableside Ordering

Some customers know precisely what they want to order and they want fast service. So, why not give them the VIP treatment. With Dine-In service enabled on your shopping cart, customers can order & pay for their meals when seated. And they can do it using any mobile device. No costly tableside ordering handhelds necessary. Learn More

Special Promotions

Say goodby to table tents. Whether daily or weekly, you'll be able to set up special promotions on your menu in a matter of seconds. Fully automated.

Competitive Card Processing

Enjoy excellent credit card processing with some of the lowest fees in the industry. A real benefit of working with a direct processor.

Beyond Wireless

You have many options for displaying incoming orders, which include kitchen printers, mobile devices & monitors of your choice. You don't have to rely upon brand-specific devices to display order information or alert the kitchen when new orders come in. Our integration allows you to use any internet-connected device to display orders.

Free Advertising

Palm Beach Cuisine has promoted restaurants for 35 years. We view E-commerce as a potent form of advertising, not just a tool for you to accept online orders. We'll give you the most attractive online menu and promote your restaurant to hundreds of thousands of Palm Beach Cuisine frequent diners. We'll increase your sales, not just online but in-instore as well.

100% Customization

We have the only E-Commerce platform that provides businesses with a 100% customizable shopping cart. If your menu looks stellar and is inviting, you will sell more food. It's not rocket science. We will build you a customized menu to display videos, slide shows, and related artistry to showcase and promote your cuisine & retail products.

Your Customers Benefit

Customers pay a convenience fee on many platforms of $1.50 to 15% of the purchase price and more per take-out order. We charge customers a processing fee of .70 cents which they gladly pay to receive an upscale, more user-friendly shopping experience that saves them time. ( Commission Free Options Are Available ).

No Customer Registration

Many online ordering platforms require customers to activate an account to order food, which takes time, creating additional steps that the customer must take to order food from you. Not sound logic for simplifying the ordering process. Simply asking people to signup to order a meal will prompt some people to phone in the order or not order at all.

Email Marketing

One of the most valuable forms of advertising today is email marketing. Palm Beach Cuisine has been heavily invested in email marketing. We'll help you build your private database of customers through your online shopping cart using unintrusive methods, which you can use to enhance every aspect of promoting your restaurant.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you use our services to process payments, you'll have a dedicated representative available to assist you at all times. And you'll never have to wait on the phone to get answers to your questions. Be it credit card transactions, batching, or printing out reports.

24/7 Support

When you need quick answers regarding credit card transactions, returns, or anything else that involves your purchases, you'll be able to get a team member on the phone regardless of the hour.