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ACH Authorization

This ACH Agreement serves to provides Palm Beach Cuisine Inc with the necessary authorization to debit the business account of the business requesting services, whether E-Commerce Solutions, yearly Website Hosting, or Advertising services.

Palm Beach Cuisine, Inc, hereafter referred to as PBC, will be providing the restaurant named below, henceforth known as the Client, with an online ordering solution ( Shopping Cart ) or other paid services. The Shopping Cart is provided at no charge to the Client. The Client will pay PBC a one-time setup fee in the amount of one hundred eighty-five dollars ($185). PBC will provide cart maintenance monthly and offer phone support to the Client. The ECommerce support provided by PBC is limited to phone and email communications and will serve to answer questions or provide instructions pertaining to the Shoppingcart features and functionality. Facilitating menu changes or promotional offers will be the sole responsibility of the Client after the initial setup. Customers using the shopping cart to place food orders online will pay a convenience fee of $ .70 per order. On or around the first day of each month, PBC will debit the clients' bank account or credit card for the sum equal to $ .70 per order ( seventy cents ) for all monthly transactions.

The Client agrees to indemnify PBC from any credit card chargebacks that may result from customers using the ECommerce Solution ( shopping cart ). PBC is not responsible for managing online food orders or any other process related to food order fulfillment between the buying customer & Client. It is the clients' sole responsibility to service customers ordering food online and ensure that customers receive their purchased items. The Client will not hold PBC responsible for delays in POS printing supplies or replacements. The Client also agrees to pay for replacement POS printers damaged or rendered useless due to negligence. PBC will have no involvement with customers placing orders. The Client agrees not to hold PBC liable for any loss of income due to any downtime regarding cart maintenance or any act of God or uncontrollable circumstances, not limited to storms, severe weather occurrences, or power outages. To cancel ACH withdrawals, the Client must provide PBC notification thirty days prior to canceling services. The Client agrees to return the POS printer upon the termination of services.

In addition to E-Commerce solutions, PBC offers other paid services such as Website Hosting and advertising programs. Website Hosting comes with two price options. A yearly hosting fee of one hundred ninety-two dollars ( $192 ) or four hundred twenty dollars ( $420 ) for combined hosting & maintenance, billed annually. Advertising programs & services consist of four pricing options. Two hundred fifty dollars ( $250 ) monthly for the ( Basic program ), three hundred ninety-five ( $395 ) monthly for the ( Choice Program ), five hundred ninety-five dollars ( $595 ) monthly for the ( All-In Program ), and ninety-eight dollars ( $98 ) for Email Services. All information about PBC services can be found by visiting palmbeachcuisine.com. PBC does not offer contracts for advertising programs, and the services provided are billed monthly. The Client may cancel advertising services or E-Commerce at any time by providing PBC a thirty-day notification via email or other correspondence.

In addition to the $.70 ( Seventy Cents ) per E-Commerce Transaction, PBC will debit the Client's bank account for the agreed-upon yearly hosting fee, monthly advertising fees, and the one-time E-Commerce setup fee of $185. The Client authorizes PBC to withdraw funds via ACH from the clients' business bank account electronically or utilize credit card information supplied to PBC for payment for all services requested, whether E-Commerce solutions, yearly Website Hosting or monthly advertising fees. The Client further agrees that no prior notification regarding any ACH withdrawals or card charges is required on behalf of PBC.

Only funds for designated services below will be debited from the Clients business account.

By submitting this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read information about the requested services, had your questions answered to your satisfaction, understand and agree with all terms of service as presented for all services. Upon submitting this form, you will receive a copy of this agreement to the email provided.