Issues with AOL & Yahoo Mail

Months ago, we were alerted to communication outages affecting several companies spread across the US. We have also been alerted to Yahoo & Aol mail issues, which now fall under Verizon media. We have noticed that some mail from reputable companies trying to reach Palm Beach Cuisine via AOL has been put in the spam folder or does not reach us at all. We began marking all legitimate business mail as not spam, but this did not help. Again, emails sent to Palm Beach Cuisine from reputable companies went into the spam folder. Upon further investigation, it has become apparent that some of our subscribers have not received mail to their AOL or Yahoo accounts during the last six weeks, and or it comes in sporadically. So, it seems that whatever issues Verizon media is having with their servers has impacted many businesses, small and large. This might explain the increase in registrants over the past few weeks using Gmail accounts. We have reached out to Verizon but received a canned message alerting us they stand ready to help. Unfortunately, that is all the Verizon postmaster stated and has not given us any details on when the issue might be resolved. In the interim, if you want to be assured of receiving mail from Palm Beach Cusine or any company for that matter, you may want to consider using Gmail. We apologize for any inconvenience.