Why Palm Beach Cuisine for
Your E-Commerce?

Several critical components set Palm Beach Cuisine E-commerce apart from the cookie-cutter shopping carts typically seen for restaurants and other businesses. Our roots lie in marketing restaurants & service-oriented companies for over three decades. So, instinctively our first priority is to maximize the use of a shopping cart and leverage its purpose for the business owner. We also simplified the ordering process and eliminated restrictions for buying customers. Your online ordering menu should be inviting, easy to use, and evoke positive emotional responses from visitors. Your online menu should compel some customers to buy more food, promote the cuisine you serve or products you sell, and help build website rankings. Which, in the end, drives more business. Marketing & SEO value doesn't seem to be part of the equation for most companies offering E-Commerce solutions. And simply providing a means for customers to place online orders isn't good enough for us, and it shouldn't be for you, either!

Key Features

Our online ordering platform is FREE for every business, and you can have your shopping cart designed to look any way you want! You pay a one-time setup fee and no monthly maintenance or shopping cart fees, ever!

Our E-Gift Card program will complement your online ordering menu and represents the next evolution of E-Cards, offering customers & business owners more flexibility and ease of use. Customers love them, and you will too. No More Plastic! No More Envelopes! No More Mailing! No More Lost or Stolen Cards! No More Checking Balances! No More Reissues! and No More Swiping!

The customer can upload their picture of choice or choose from over one hundred and fifty beautiful E-Card themes. Everything from Birthday to Holiday Cards. And they can purchase E-Gift Cards in a matter of sixty seconds. E-cards can be saved on a phone or tablet and updates automatically after each purchase. Your customer can use their e-cards to make in-store or online purchases effortlessly. Business owners can now accept E-Cards in-store via a unique QR Code that can be scanned using any mobile device. That's right, there is no need for expensive hand-held barcode readers. E-cards have been around for years, so we can't take credit for the idea. But, because our platform isn't built to track customers' online habits or obtain customer information for profit, we've improved the process for both the customer and the business owner. ( This program is available separately.)

We have the only E-Commerce platform that provides businesses with a 100% customizable shopping cart. If your menu looks stellar and is inviting, you will sell more food & products. It's not rocket science. We will build you a customized menu to display videos, slide shows, and related artistry to showcase and promote your cuisine & retail products.

Enhancing the customer experience is a goal just about every business shares. Our T-Notify bridges the gap between wanting to achieve better customer service and making it happen. T-Notify alerts customers when orders are ready, making the order-ahead process seamless.

With the click of a tab, you can track every detail of your Online Orders, be it a retail store or restaurant, in real-time, all in one place. You can also choose to receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports via email, providing complete details on orders received, including gratuity.

You control every aspect of the ordering process of your online menu. You can effortlessly select specific days of the week to offer specials, control item availability, and can turn ordering off with one click. You control when ordering is available, be it hourly or daily. If you sell out of a product, you can quickly post a "Sold Out" message on that item with one click.

You will be responsible for updating your menu after the initial build. But not to worry, we took painstaking care to simplify the whole process of updating your menu. You'll have ease-of-use tools to rearrange your menu, update, add, or change menu items in a snap. While our platform is robust, you'll find our intuitive layout refreshing and easy to follow, with few instructions needed. When updating your menu on our platform, think seconds and minutes, not hours or days.

If you provide in-store delivery for customers, you'll be able to control every aspect of this through our fully automated platform. You can set up available delivery for specific days & hours in a matter of seconds. Regardless of whether you run a restaurant or retail store.

For restaurants, many customers know precisely what they want to order and want fast service. So, why not give them VIP treatment. With the Dine-In service enabled on your shopping cart, customers can order & pay for their meals when seated. And they can do it using any mobile device. No costly tableside handhelds are necessary.

Whether you like rewarding frequent diners or offering customers incentives, you'll have the power to set up special promotions for your new menu with ease. You can offer customers menu-wide discounts or limit discounts to specific menu items. You'll also be able to restrict dinging incentives to particular days of the week with expiration dates. What's more, you can create custom discount codes you can use in your marketing to attract new customers or reward existing ones.

Many popular online ordering apps get hacked every day but don't take our word for it; Google it. Our platform and every shopping cart on it are monitored 24/7 by award-winning cyber security with intrusion detection & directives for quickly resolving issues that arise. We also scan every E-Commerce page daily to ensure the integrity and page visibility. Because there are nearly 2 billion websites on the internet, most people don't think about this aspect of e-commerce until they become a victim.

We partnered with Heartland Payment Solutions because of the level of service they provide and the competitive processing fees. In fact, if your business has a Brick & Mortar account and an E-Commerce gateway, you would be hard-pressed to find lower rates anywhere. Enjoy excellent credit card processing with some of the lowest fees in the industry. A real benefit of working with a direct processor.

If you own a business, you have many options for displaying incoming orders, which include printers, mobile devices & monitors of your choice. You don't have to rely upon brand-specific devices to display order information or alert the staff when new orders come in. Our integration allows you to use any internet-connected device to display orders.

Customers often complain about not quickly finding what they want and the necessity to click lots of drop-down tabs to view menu items. And they don't like viewing incomplete product menus. We'll build your menu correctly, and your customers will enjoy using your shopping cart because of our intuitive web design features.

Palm Beach Cuisine has been promoting restaurants and retail stores for over 30 years. We view E-commerce as a potent marketing tool, not just a medium to make online ordering available to customers. We'll give you the most attractive online menu and promote your business well. We'll increase your sales, not just online but in-instore as well.

Customers pay a convenience fee on many platforms of $1.50 to 15% of the purchase price to place online orders. We charge customers a processing fee of .70 cents which they gladly pay to receive an upscale, more user-friendly shopping experience that saves them time. ( Commission Free Options Are Available ).

Many online ordering platforms require or prompt customers to activate an account before placing orders, which takes time, creating additional steps that the customer must take. Not sound logic. Simply asking people to sign up to place an order will prompt some people to leave your menu. We've designed our platform to provide fast load times and offer customers conveniences, which include eliminating the sign-up and sign-in process to place orders.

When you need quick answers regarding credit card transactions, returns, or anything else that involves your purchases, you'll be able to get a team member on the phone regardless of the hour.

First and foremost, having a separate gateway to process e-commerce sales in no way inconveniences your life. In fact, the only thing you gain by having e-commerce sales run through your POS system is the ability to see both brick & mortar and e-commerce sales in one place. There are more pros than cons to having an autonomous E-Commerce solution fully automated and constructed to advance sales and product marketing. Allow us to share these advantages with you.

1. Unparalleled customer service through T-Notify. Our latest tech eliminates the need for kitchen printers altogether and enhances the customer experience tenfold. Orders are displayed via a kitchen monitor & tablet in the front of the house. New orders are announced, and as soon as an order is ready, the chef or hostess can tap a small clear tab. Seconds later, a text message with order details is sent to the customer's phone, alerting them the order is ready for pick up. This can be especially beneficial to customers that live a short distance away.

2. If you ever need to change your POS system, your online orders keep coming in without interruption.

3. If you are ever faced with an emergency involving broken POS terminals on a busy day, having an autonomous e-commerce gateway that offers Tableside ordering can come in handy.

4.Having an external web page that accepts online orders can be used to enhance the SEO value of your existing website and bolster site rankings. Millions of business owners spend billions of dollars yearly marketing their websites to receive more traffic to increase sales. Having an external landing page ( Your Online Ordering Menu ) that is 100% customizable also gives you design flexibility, enhanced exposure, and endless possibilities to promote your brand in ways you simply cannot get with a POS-integrated e-commerce.

5. Email Marketing & Text Rewards. We give customers a one-click option at the end of placing an order to request alerts via email or text about special offers or promotions when they become available. We then send visually stunning emails and notifications to your customers that are engaging and have proven to expand customer participation.

6. Holiday Promotions. Sales during a holiday, whether it involves a restaurant, retail business, or service, can bolster revenue several times the daily average. This makes being able to effortlessly display promotions on your online menu an important attribute you should not take for granted or do without. Integrated POS e-commerce does not enable business owners the opportunity to take advantage of displaying holiday promotions for the world to see while providing customers ordering capabilities.

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