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Natures Way Cafe has a long history of serving the area's freshest gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, and premium beverages that include a variety of coffees, protein shakes, and juice blends. Everything is made fresh daily with wholesome ingredients. Their list of sandwiches includes Natures Way Cafe's famous Shrimp Salad Sandwich and the Meatless Burger that is hands-down the best tasting in its class. Not even the renowned Boca Burger can be compared to this modern marvel. But, tasting is believing. Their premium beverage list includes scrumptious Shakes for the health-conscious and those that enjoy the extra pleasure of decadent chocolate & berries with a late afternoon lunch. And their blended Juices are beyond delicious. If you enjoy Soups, they do go over-board to creating mouthwatering specialty soups that not only taste great. They're healthy.